Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nualolo Cliff, Kauai (revisited)

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by welikehike

If you're gonna do a loop trail for the second time, do it in reverse!  That's what I did at Nualolo Cliff trail in Kauai, one of the best day hikes in Hawaii.  It felt like I was hiking it for the first time and the lighting was so much better with the reverse route.  The sky was clear, no rain and wet terrain to worry about, but it was hot hot hot.  Traversing up the steep hills was truly a test, and luckily, I didn't suffer from cramps this time around.  It's too bad we didn't find anyone to transport us to the trailhead.  We had to walk the extra mile on asphalt pavement.  After the hike, we drove up to Kalalau Lookout and Waimea Canyon Lookout and got me some money shots.

 View along Nualolo Cliff (photo by F. Langit)

View at end of Nualolo Trail (photo by F. Langit)

 Waimea Canyon Lookout (photo by F. Langit)

Kalalau Valley Lookout (photo by F. Langit)

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