Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mount Tapyas, Philippines

Image hosted by Webshots.com
by welikehike

Mount Tapyas is probably comparable to Oahu's Diamond Head trail but with 10 times more steps. It is widely visited by tourists and the trail is primarily made up of concrete steps and metal railings from the beginning to the end of the trail. They say it is best to do this hike before sunset. When we started this hike, we only had a few minutes before the sun would touch the horizon. We hurried our way up even though our aching muscles were still recovering from the previous Mt Darala hike. We made it to the top in time and we stood in awe of the lofty view before us. A big lighted cross marked the end of the trail and it is also a popular landmark in Coron Town. At sunset, the sky lit up in fire and clouds began to glow with its accented golden hue. It was another good and adventurous day in Coron, and there was no better way to end it.

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