Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mo'ole-Makuku Trail

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by welikehike

There were three of us trailing the group after taking some pictures at the third waterfall. The return trip was a bit tricky and we were uncertain at times. We were always on the right track until I came to the end of the trail. I always thought we entered a hole in the fence, and not a gate. When I arrived at the gate, I told myself, "this is not it!" I retraced my step and found the other two hikers approaching. I led them off the trail and had them follow me towards the east hoping to find the trail that led to the 'hole in the fence'. Mosquitos were aggressive and our legs were heavily scratched by the low lying branches. It was quite an adventure! When the vegetation became too thick and there was no other place to go, I decided to hop the fence. All except one was able to climb over to the other side. The other person decided to return to the gate. As soon as I got over the other side of the fence, we then realized that there was no 'hole in the fence' and the gate was the actual exit, and it was unlocked! So all the trampling, the mosquito bites, and scratches were due to my stupidity!

I can't believe it, I was actually at the end, but decided to spend an extra 20 minutes of hiking off the trail. My hiking mates had mosquito bites and scratches all over their arms and legs. One was constantly cussing and the other had two big bites on her forehead. I felt bad so I decided to treat them to Boots-n-Kimos. I didn't have cash with me, so someone else treated, but I promised to pay her back. haha

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