Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Shipwreck Beach, Lanai

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by welikehike

The trail leading to Shipwreck Beach in Lanai was unlike any other trail. I arrived at my destination by means of a rented 4x4 Jeep Wrangler. This trail wasn't part of the plan, but I was left with no choice. The rental center warned me that the Munro Trail is inaccessible, and it's a $500 fine if I get stuck or caught in that trail. It was disheartening for it was always my intention to go there. I took the risk and disregarded their warning and thought I could do it without getting stuck. However, I started entertaining doubts after a mile into the rugged dirt trail. There were some steep and narrow sections, the bumps and dips were too much for me to handle for my first off-road experience. I turned around at a flat area along the trail and decided to head to Shipwreck Beach instead. The trail was much smoother, but rough enough to get me bouncing. I ripped through the dirt trail leaving a cloud of dust behind me. As I arrived at the beach, the jeep nearly got stuck as the tires dug deep into the sand. Luckily, I made it and I could already see the shipwreck, for which the beach was called, in the distance. Since my time was limited, I decided not to proceed any further and headed down south to check-in the Four Season Resort Lanai in Manele Bay.


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