Sunday, September 21, 2008

Koko Crater

Koko Crater is becoming a popular training spot for me. I hiked it with Ed at around 1:30pm when the sun was high above and the scorching heat was nearly unbearable. The heat got the best of me and I had my worst time climbing up. I started feeling dizzy right before the bridge. When I took my first rest, I was lazy to keep my heart rate up. I tried to relax too soon and too abruptly, and consequently, I started feeling nauseated and dizzy. After hiking this trail many times before, I was surprised that I was losing my composure and began to entertain my doubts. I was reminded of Na Pali.

Oh yeah, I saw a bare-footed guy climbing up. Bear in mind, it was hot and the trail is mostly dirt with wood planks from the rail track. So bizarre!

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